1. this is it. the end of this blog.
    I will keep the site up for the few posts i left here but i will no longer use it.

    i can now be found over at CNBNXL (a collaborative effort between LunaXcel & myself).

    expect some great shit.


  2. cnbnxl:

    fourth practice | Cook Norman Blaze

    here we go folks. the first post on this collab blog from LunaXcel & I (Cook Norman Blaze). be on the lookout for some drops from some gems Luna will be dropping very soon. fourth practice is up for free download.


    as i mentioned before i’ll be moving to this new blog so go ahead and follow it. don’t forget to listen, download & share. peace,


  3. starting tomorrow i’ll be using a different blog for my music.
    the blog is a collaboration between my good friend LunaXcel & myself.

    CNBNXL is see it’s first post tomorrow from yours truly.

    I’ll be transitioning between the blogs in a span of about a month or so before i stop posting altogether on this blog. thank you.


  4. o3 was recently posted on bringing down the band & the blue walrus.

    much appreciated as always.


  5. o3 is officially out!
    go get it here or here.
    share with your friends and vibe out peace.